Matty White

Raised from a young age on a diet of Mountains, Snow and Adventure, Matty spent the best part of a decade living and working in the French Alps, where he developed a taste for precarious pinnacles and high level escapades. Now based in North Yorkshire, with easy access to the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the Highlands of Scotland, Matty strives to capture evocative imagery from high level perspectives. A professional Landscape and Motorsport photographer, with an addiction to golden light on mountain tops, Matty is often to be found walking up the Lake District fells, under the cover of darkenss, in preparation for a high level sunrise.


"I hope that my work can inspire and motivate others to go out and chase the experiences that shape our lives. I try to portray the intricacies of the landscape through my use of light and composition. Hopefully the spirit of the outdoors, and my enjoyment of working to make these images, shines through in the photographs, There is beauty to be found all around us, and sometimes, we just need to dedicate time to search for it, as the rewards are unforgettable".

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