Never Get Lost Again..

But part of the adventure is getting lost, right? Well most of the time maybe; but for those occasions when you need to know where you are and have either lost your bearings in fog or don't have a map we have found a solution - as long as you are carrying an iPhone..


Maps Offline by JOMO Solutions Ltd are the perfect companion - unless your aim is to lose yourself in nature..

The 100% offline maps offer a solution to those who don't want to carry Ordnance Survey maps around, or any other kind of map that is difficult to hold in 60mph winds.. That said OS maps probably fair better in storms than your iPhone will..


The apps have an in-built search engine with which you can look for places, roads, post codes and hills, the heights of all the main summits are also detailed- and all this is entirely offline, so works perfectly in those deep valleys where mobile signal is all but none-existent. You are also able to pin locations on the map..



The app zooms smoothly between different scales - ranging from 1:1000,000 to 1:10,000 (roads/streets labelled by name). There is also an in-built GPS feature - again without the need for network coverage- the app usually states that your location is accurate to either +/- 5 or 10 meters and in our experience this seems to be correct.

Offline Maps are available for The Lakes District, South Downs, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District, Ben Nevis & more.  Click the links below for full specs on the iTunes site!

For the Urban Adventurers out there, there is also a London version!

Happy Adventures!

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Laurie Crayston