Ambassador Profile: Sarah Archer


My dad carried me on his back up mountains before I could walk, he took me over striding edge when I was 8 and we did Ben Nevis when I was 10, so it's ingrained in me. He's entirely to blame for my love of mountains. 

We were having a daddy daughter cuppa a few months back and I asked if he fancied a challenge of a lifetime- I proposed Everest Base Camp... He shot me straight down! He told me to tackle something more sensible, "like... Mont Blanc". I immediately researched it and within 5 minutes of him making the suggestion I was signed up and now I'm doing it. He immediately regretted his suggestion, but I'm as stubborn as they get... So I'm doing it. 

There's nothing more satisfying than pushing myself to my absolute limit, and Mont Blanc is going to be a huge challenge. 

I travel to the Lake District atleast once a week now, it's my happy place. As soon as I see Blencathra when I'm heading towards Keswick, the butterflies start. There's just something totally awe inspiring about being surrounded by beastie mountains, beautiful lakes and breathing in that fresh air. It puts everything in life into perspective. It's the perfect playground to push myself to my limit, whether it's scrambling, climbing, trail running or open water swimming... I'm in.  

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Laurie Crayston