Walking Scotland: Chris Dysart

I have always been into fitness and enjoyed the outdoors. In 2014 i decided to do my first Corbett (a Scottish hill between 2500 and 2999 feet high with a drop of at least 500 feet on all sides),  Ben Venue - the sights were breathtaking! This is when I found a passion for hill walking and from that moment on I decided to take my love for the outdoors further. I have now completed 39 Munros, all of which I have found challenging to different degrees. During this time I have also discovered a passion for photography and I have been able to capture many images of my adventures from around Scotland.  

On the 15th of August last year I completed the Three Peaks Challenge. I found this my most demanding experience to date - I had to push myself to limits I never knew I could in order to complete this within the 24 hours, which I did.

In the upcoming years I have set myself the goal of completing all 282 Munros and, of course, to have many more adventures.  

You can follow Chris's journey and check out more of his awesome photography on his Instagram here.

Laurie Crayston