Do Go Chasing Waterfalls | Britain's Best Waterfalls

Britain isn't necessarily known for it's waterfalls, as other countries may be - but there and plenty of spectacular falls dotted across the length of breadth of the country. We've picked out seven for your perusal! 

Lodore Falls | Best Waterfalls in the Lake District

We are, of course, beginning our list in the Lake District. Lodore Falls is an absolutely spectacular site but as with many of the waterfalls in this list, it's one that you really need to visit after a good down pour. After a long spell of dry weather the run off from Watendlath Tarn that forms this waterfall can be little more than a trickle.

Credit:  @_danoz

Credit: @_danoz

How to Find Lodore Falls

Lodore Falls is located at the Southern end of Derwentwater, unsurprisingly it's just behind the Lodore Falls Hotel.

Where to stay? | Accomodation Near Lodore Falls

Lodore Falls would be the obvious choice, and it is a great place to stay, but if you're on a smaller budget there are plenty of other places to choose from, both far and wide - given it's fairly central location you can make a day trip to Lodore Falls from anywhere in Cumbria.

Crawton Waterfall | Scotlands Secret Waterfalls

This relatively unknown falls is one of the most picturesque and isolated on our list. It's located at RSPB Fowlsheugh approximately 20 miles South of Aberdeen on Scotlands East Coast. Crawton itself is a deserted hamlet that used to be home to a small fishing community. The falls are created by Crawton Burn dropping over the cliffs into the sea.

Credit:  @andrew.lynas

How to find Crawton Waterfall

Although isolated, Crawton Falls is fairly straightforward to find - take the A92 South from Stonehaven towards Dundee and make a left towards RSPB Fowlsleugh.

Where to Stay | Accommodation Near Crawton

There's a range of accommodation in Stonehaven which you can check out here.

Pistyll Rhaeadr | Best Waterfalls in Wales

Often referred to as both the highest waterfall in Wales and the highest single-drop waterfall in the UK, Pistyll Rhaeadr is actually neither - but it is an incredible site nonetheless. There are three drops here totalling approximately 73 metres!

Credit:  @Trevt30

Credit: @Trevt30

How to get to Pistyll Rhaeadr | Map of Pistyll Rhaedr

Pistyll Rhadaear is one of the most accessible waterfalls on our list, with parking very close-by - there's even a cafe here too!

Janet's Foss | Best Waterfalls in Yorkshire

A small but beautiful waterfall, Janet's Foss is within striking distance of Malham in North Yorkshire, and therefore of course, Malham Cove - the famous and regularly Insta'd limestone formation - and the two combined make for a great day out! On a side note, Malham Cove was temporarily home to Britain's highest single drop waterfall back in 2015 after very heavy rainfall - look it up if you don't believe us!

On a warm summers day Janet's Foss isn't a bad place to cool off either, after a day in the mountains.

Credit:  @bobmickspix

Credit: @bobmickspix

How to find Janet's Foss | Map of Janet's Foss Waterfall

Relatively close to the nearest road and well sign posted, finding this gem shouldn't be a problem.

Scale Force | Highest Waterfall in the Lake District

The impressive Scale Force is often overlooked and does take a little finding. The falls is on the way from Crummock Water to Red Pike and is tucked away in a deep gorge. Getting to the bottom of the main drop requires a slight scramble which can be a little slippy and does require some care.

Map of Scale Force | How to Find Scale Force

The best place to park for this one is Buttermere Car Park - from there the falls is a 2/3 mile round trip.

Melincourt Falls | Best Waterfalls in South Wales

Although not one of the biggest on our list (24m high) Melincourt Falls is arguably the most spectacular. Nestled away in South Wales this drop is incredibly photogenic! 

Credit: @bestofneathphotos

Credit: @bestofneathphotos

Getting to Melincourt Falls is pretty straightforward - there is path from a car park on the B4434, the entrance to which is on the opposite side of the road from the public car park.

Fairy Pools | Best Waterfalls on the Isle of Skye

Probably the most recognisable of falls on our list, and arguably not much of a waterfall, the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye is one of Britains most picturesque spots. Despite this though it is still a relatively quiet, undisturbed place for most of the year. Try going in Winter when you'll find plenty of water running through here and some snow on the surrounding peaks.

Credit:  @stephjohnphoto

The closest car park to the Fairy Pools is located along the single track road that leads from Carbost to Glenbrittle. From here it's just over a mile to the first pool - how far you continue after this is up to you!

Laurie Crayston