Climbing Over 95,000 Feet, at Four Years Old..

We first came across Daisy's challenge on Instagram a little while ago and had to find out more! 


One adventurous four-year-old Daisy is currently part way through her challenge - climbing Pendle Hill, Lancashire, 52 times! That's a total of over 95,000 feet! And, need we say again - she's just four years old!

Daisy aim is to raise money for Pendlehill Hospice, a charity that enhances the quality of life of those living with life-limiting conditions.

Daisy has now completed 35 of the 52 walks and word is fast spreading, with people donating on the spot now during some of her climbs! Daisy comes from a keen outdoor family who love walking and camping and has taken this challenge in her stride despite climbing in all types of conditions.


Daisy hopes to raise over £1000 with her challenge, almost reaching her goal of £1250 - with 17 walks left to go! You can find out more on her Go Fund Me page here.

Laurie Crayston