#THISISMYADVENTURE - The Road to Recovery, Ben Robertson

Spending as much time as he can in the wild hiking, running or swimming, Ben has a taste for all things adventure.

On the outside, he’s a fun, sociable and active guy with an obsession for all things outdoors.


But, after years of personal struggles, separation and divorce Bens condition, both mentally and physically started to deteriorate and he was admitted to hospital several times with exhaustion and stress.

After coming home from a normal days work, Ben had reached his limit. His judgement clouded by negativity and exhaustion, he attempted to end his life.

Ben survived to tell the tale and his recovery has been astounding. So astounding in fact that he’s now going to be attempting four ultra-marathons in just four days - running from Southport to Hornsea, a total of 142 miles.

Talk to someone..

Admittedly, the road to recovery hasn’t been an easy one for Ben, with a many ups and downs but he counts himself lucky to be alive.

There’s one thing above all others that he credits his recovery to.. support.

‘Whilst I'm back at work and progressing I appreciate it’s a long road to full recovery at all, but I would urge anyone suffering no matter
what it may be with, to talk to someone….anyone!’

Having kept his feelings and emotions bottled for years, Ben didn’t discover the support network he had until it was almost too late. It’s clear he’s eternally grateful to his family, friends and colleagues for the support they’ve shown him.

Charities like Mind who Ben is raising money for, are also there to listen and provide all kinds of support if you are struggling with mental health. As Ben says, things may have been different had he ‘only been able to talk to someone, even if not to my friends, family or colleagues’.


From the ashes..

‘Rising from the ashes and with a new out look on life I want to continue challenging myself both physically and mentally and that’s how this challenge has come about’.

 As well as doing the run to prove to himself that he can do it Ben aims to raise money and awareness for Mind, whilst also dedicating it to the support network that helped him turn his only life around. He’s also hoping to inspire others on their journey!


You can follow Ben’s progres on his Instagram - @bjrobbo36

Laurie Crayston