#THISISMYADVENTURE - Just Start with the First Step

‘That was when it hit me. I knew right then that I needed to get my walking boots on and get outdoors’

Growing up Trev was often outdoors, fishing with his dad or holidaying in the Lake District with his family - falling in love with the area. In his teens he began to visit the Lakes with his then girlfriend - now wife - and got into walking in his early twenties.

Now twenty-nine Trev works as a delivery driver for a large retailer, and last year he had the shock of his life..

Bang!! There it was…

In Autumn of last year, having been encouraged for some time by his family to visit the GP Trev got some life changing news. He’d known he was overweight but expected to be around sixteen stone, the doctor and the scales had other ideas;

‘He told me to step on the scales and I expected I’d be around 16st but BANG!! There it was - just short of 20st staring me in the face! I really didn’t want to accept it as he went on to tell me that I was a borderline diabetic and at risk of heart disease. That was when it hit me. I knew right then that I needed to get my walking boots on and get outdoors’.

Luckily for Trev his wife also decided to join his journey to fitness and together they embarked on ten months of walking, lots of walking!

Just one month after beginning his journey Trev had lost 1 st 6 lbs! He gained huge encouragement from this as others began to notice he was looking healthier and by the following April he’d lost a total of 4 st 5lbs!


So what was his secret?..

‘Getting outdoors at any opportunity and combining this with a healthy diet saw the weight fly off’, Trev says.

He hasn’t just noticed physical changes though, he’s also happy and healthier mentally than ever before, and has lots more confidence!

Now weighing an incredible 13st 11lbs Trev has joined a gym to tone up further. But in his words, the things he’ll always rely on to keep his health in check are his ‘walking boots, Milo’s dog lead and the love I have for being outdoors’.

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You can find out more about getting fitter and healthier with our new and ever-growing Adventure Fit section of the website.

And, take Trevs advice - both simple and inspiration;

You are the only one who can change your lifestyle, pick your own goals and do it at your own pace. Don’t worry about the full staircase just start with the 1st step.

Follow Trev and find out more about his incredible journey on his Instagram - @gingertrevfox

Laurie Crayston