Global Adventure

The Best Classroom

The unfortunate facts of today’s society: our sons spend more time playing FIFA2016 than they do on the football pitch; our daughters spend more time watching YouTube videos than talking to friends.  And it’s not limited to the kiddos: we all must admit that we spend more time, money, and effort on our electronic “friends” than ever before.  The internet age along with our fast-paced lives has made family time more precious than ever.

The impact of our more insular, sheltered lives is obvious: families struggle to find time together to grow bonds and build lasting memories.  As a result, the rate of family breakdown in the United Kingdom (and the western world in general) continues to climb. Family breakdown has ripple effects throughout society and tends to repeat generation after generation.

Global Adventure was founded to attack that problem head-on; We are a charity founded “to strengthen families through physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.” What better way to do that then through the best classroom—the outdoors!

Through activities such as Survival Training, Caving, Camping, Trekking, and Father And Son Adventure Challenges, family bonds are tightened, hearts are opened—and in the process, we have a tonne of fun!  Through structured activities, we let families work through issues and talk through struggles.  During down times, sunshine through mountain peaks (or maybe a cloud or two!) makes for a tremendous backdrop to heartfelt discussions, memories to be made, and hopefully a love for the outdoors to be kindled.

Founder Dave Hearn started Global Adventure after a 10-year stint in the U.S. Air Force and two deployments to Iraq.  “When I left the military I missed two things: the camaraderie of brothers who were willing to go to hell and back for each other; and secondly—and this sounds odd--but I missed how extreme physical hardship forged better men, better relationships, and brought us all closer together.”  It is that desire to forge better men and better relationships that Global Adventure hopes to replicate. Global Adventure is excited to have Ascendancy Apparel as our provider for “adventure-casual” wear for ourselves and our participants. Their passion for the outdoors, and commitment to quality gear shows in their style and clothing.

Laurie Crayston