Litter in Wild Places

I decided to shoot a set of this nature (excuse that pun) because I wanted to tackle a subject we're all familiar with; litter in wild places. My aim was to create a set of images with dramatic impact, showing the problem of litter in natural areas. Ideally, the images would portray the litter as if it were wildlife itself. Whether I've accomplished what I set out to create, is entirely down to how the viewer perceives the images.

Now this is more than just a set of photos. I wanted to bring the issue to attention, in the hope that like-minded people would be persuaded to help and take action. How? You may ask. Well the most obvious one is, don't litter. But should you have a spare hour, half an hour or even 15 minutes on any day of the week, take a bag and litter picker or gloves and collect what you can from a wild spot.

If you don't have any of the above, ask your local council. Not only will they be obligated to help you but they will collect the bags you are left with also! What you'll get from doing something like this every so often is so much greater than money. The satisfaction of knowing that little black bird didn't choke on the plastic you collected. The hedgehog didn't wander around in a strangled state from that 6 pack ring she got stuck in. All because YOU picked it up. Outside of these more important issues the areas themselves will become much more aesthetically pleasing without the litter.

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Laurie Crayston